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Paul Vincenti has been creating images (and some might say mischief) for over 25 years. Based in Orlando, Florida, Paul’s style and subjects have a unique overlap between fantasy illustrations and the fine art world. Everyone agrees that Paul is blessed with boundless energy. His professional endeavors have spanned many media, including forays into musical composition and production.

Paul is a self taught Artist, and has professional experience in a wide variety of image creation that includes airbrushing, silk screening, digital modeling and animation, and web design.

His first professional art show was in 1979. He did the outdoor art show circuit around Florida for a few years, displaying a mix of fantasy and landscapes, but found he could actually afford to eat if he took photographs, something he had been doing for years as a reference for his paintings. The opportunity to go to Hawaii presented itself in 1984 and in short order, Paul became a contributing editor and photographer for Hawaii magazine photographing the swimsuit issues for three years. Tough work, but somebody had to do it!

In 1989 family bonds brought Paul back to Florida.  Although fascinated by new technology, he decided that he could not to afford to re-invest his money into the digital photography revolution he saw coming, so he sold most of his equipment, and fell in love with oil painting all over again. He also embraced other tech changes he saw coming. From 1994-1999 he produced his rock opera and multimedia web site, “Something Strange” -www.somethingstrange.net – which includes music, art, and animation.  It has received over a quarter of a million visitors since its inception, and is being considered for a stage production by a well known theatre company in Essex, England.

Paul returned to oil painting full-time in 2001. He painted the widely published work “America Rose” a tribute to 9-11. The entire proceeds from the sale of the original was donated to Disaster Relief.

Back on the outdoor circuit and in galleries with landscapes and botanicals taking the limelight. You can view them  at www.paulvincenti.com.

Since that time Paul’s works have been added to private collections across the globe, and he has won many awards at top venues.

Most recently he did the movie poster for the wildly successful fan film “The Hunt For Gollum”.  Paul’s works are on display at major art shows, tradeshows, conventions and various galleries.

Just look for the guy with the long blonde hair and little black hat.


A few of Paul’s clients:

  • Man Diesel Corporate office- Houston, Texas
  • Gardens Center Gallery – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
  • Venetian Point Dentistry – Orlando, Florida
  • Parrish Engineering – Gainesville, Florida
  • Hentschel Art Gallery – Des Moines Iowa
  • Sanybel’s Finest – Sanibel Island, Florida
  • Villiger Construction – Haleiwa, Hawaii
  • Radical Concepts, Inc. – Deland, Florida
  • AJ Lucas Consulting – Boca Raton Florida


Professional Affiliations:

  • Café Artists League
  • ASFA
  • Orlando Artists Registry
  • Epilogue



Contact : 

Paul Vincenti

407 859-1634