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2007 Participating Artists, Lake Mary Heathrow Festival of the Arts
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2007 Participating Artists

By Artist’s Last Name:

Booth #Artist NameCompany NameCategory
F136Linda Amundsen Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
B58 Terry AndrewsWaters Edge StudiosGlass
D116a Raul Astete Raul Stone Carvings Sculpture
A43 Nicole Arens Golden Glow Heirloom Art Jewelry
F137 Beatrice Athanas Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
B281 Kenneth AunchmanAunchman Gallery Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
B54Jane AxmanttynerWaterpixPhotography/Digital Art
F157Stephen BaldaufPaint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
A34 Ken Barnes Leather
A274Tiffani Beasi Fine Craft
A35 Leslie BelcherAccessoreezJewelry
A24 Jennifer Beville Leaping Lizards Clay/pottery/ceramic
A12 J. BirdDays Between Workshop Glass
B75Mark R. Blanchette Photography/Digital Art
B87 Rex Birsen BloomOttoman-JewelsJewelry
A36 Suzanne Blumenauer Fine Craft
B291 Sandra BottinelliGallery Bottinelli Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
A2 Laurie Brainard The Dragons Glass Glass
B83 Linda BrantOrianna Arts Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
J238 Christian Butera CN Designs Jewelry
B85Nina Buxton Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
B52 Ed Camargo Mixed Media
B280Christophe Cardot Drawings/graphics/pastels
B294Thomas D. Carmon Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
B80 Don Carter Wood
F140Kathleen K. Chenet Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
B84 Peter Chu Sculpture
A38 Al & Kristen ClementClement Clayworks Clay/pottery/ceramic
M251 Celia M. Cline Jewelry
A31 Kristina M. Cranmer Fine Craft
B72 Marta Crawford Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
G170Kathryn Cukier Mixed Media
M258Sally Cummings-Shisler Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
’width’ is a duplicate attribute name. Line 1, position 37.B73 Andreina DavilaEvolve Art Studio Mixed Media
G153 Raymond Decker Mixed Media
B61 Catherine Delaere 47th Element Jewelry
A26Dianna Dinka
Fine Art
J231 Gerri Dundie - JBUG Just Between Us Girls
B85Kimberly Erb Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
A44 Josephine Espinosa Glass
B60 Brandi Felt Boutique 33 Jewelry
J237 Kellmis Fernandez Kema Glass Studio
A10 Jacqueline Fernandez Happy Noodle Design Textile
M262 Jorge A. Fernandini Drawings/graphics/pastels
F134 Patricio Ferreira Blue Sun Jewelry
B69 David Figuera Sculpture
G168 Estella Fransbergen
B78 Scott Freeland
'width' is a duplicate attribute name. Line 1, position 37.A1 Janet Garber

Fine Craft
A40 Marlow Gates Friendswood Brooms
Mixed Media
B290 John Gilbert Photography/Digital Art
F135 Pamela M. Glose
Mixed Media
C99 William Graham Mixed Media
D116 Eric Green Jewelry
E131 Robert R. Green Photography/Digital Art
B292 Melissa Gregg
Photography/Digital Art
J238 Sher Grelick CN Designs Jewelry
E127 Martin A. Hausner Chintamani Fine Craft
G171 Ted Head
G168 Melody Hendrix The Digital Canvas, Inc.
B62 Jeff Hinkley
B68 Lori J. Hlavsa Lori Hlavsa Studios
G169 Jim Holehouse Tropic Art Design
A57 John Horrell Mixed Media
E130 Phil Hudanish Jewelry
G165 Jim Hughes Nature's Beauty
Photography/Digital Art
B282 Jason Hunt
C101 David Hunter Hunter Printmaking Studio
M259 Joe Ihns
C106/107 Paul Ingwalson
Photography/Digital Art
B88 Sandy Jackson SandKat Gear
F133 Brian & Michael Jasinski Photography/Digital Art
B55 John Jowett Wood
'width' is a duplicate attribute name. Line 1, position 37. F142 Marci Elaine Kane Equinox Mosaics Mixed Media

E129 Steven Karafyllakis
Photography/Digital Art
F138 Patricia Karnes Fine Craft
A45 Don Kaufman Fine Craft
A4 Judy Keegan Lake Mary Soaps & Dolls
D115 Wayne King
F37 Carol Lahy
Fine Craft
B67 Kevin P. Lane Lane's Portraits Photography/Digital Art
B66 Patricia Leddon
B70 Christine Lemmond Sculpture/metal
A268 Sandy Lent
Fine Craft
J233 Tom J. Lima Wood
A39 Pensri Little Pen's Gifts Textile
B293 Grace Liu Drawings/graphics/pastels
A25 Vicki D. Love The Perfect Touch Leather
E128 Donna & John Lundstrom Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
G186 Michael Mandell
Photography/Digital Art
A46 Rocco & Mae Marcoccia Fine Craft
A28 Richard Marino The Hands of Man Pottery Clay/pottery/ceramic
J235 Zack Markz Fine Craft
B77 Jennifer Marsch Mosquito Mud Pottery
A5 Sonja Marshall-Bone Ottobone Design
Fine Craft
J236 David Martin Textile
A8 Bobbie Matus
B71 Robert McGregor
Photography/Digital Art
A32 Lou McMurray
Fine Craft
C92/93 Roger T. McNicholas RT Art Photography
Photography/Digital Art
A29 Rosanne M. Miller Mangano-Miller Jewelry
D109-110 Fernando N. Mosquera Sculpture
E126 Marjorie Muething Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
C105 Chris Murray Wings Over Florida Gallery
'width' is a duplicate attribute name. Line 1, position 37.C91 Bruce Nawrocke

M267 Brian K. Neely Photography/Digital Art
A7 Michael Nelson Clay/pottery/ceramic
F132 Don W. Nichols Mixed Media
B82Dean H. NicholsNichols PhotographyPhotography/Digital Art
G182Susan OllerPaint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
M103Vicki OrioldVicki Oriold DesignsPaint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
G157 Dione Outlaw Jewelry
M249 Karin Paradise Glass
F146 Lisa Parker Jewelry
F138 James Parker ParkerParker
Photography/Digital Art
F141 Frideborg Phillips Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
B53 Patrick A. Pierson Fyshwerks SG
A16 Fernando & Durval Pinheiro Amazon Gems Clay/pottery/ceramic
M256 George Prastitis Drawings/graphics/pastels
A43 Nancy Qarmont Qsales Jewelry
'width' is a duplicate attribute name. Line 1, position 37.M250 Guenevere Rae

B74 Rex & Claudine Ralston Sun Crow Creations Jewelry
C96 Kat Reichard Photography/Digital Art
C97 Ronald Reichard Wood
B79 Patricia Repine Photography/Digital Art
E121 Cheri Riechers
A39 Fran E. Rogers Peacock Imports Textile
C106 Lori Rosenberger Cracked Up Jewelry
G154 Nancy Ross-Ruddick Photography/Digital Art
G155 Keith Ross-Ruddick Photography/Digital Art
J234 Donna Rupe Creative Mudworks
M257 Anna G. Ruscitti Jewelry
A3 Chris & Nomie Sackman Fine Craft
E119-120 Ed Sanderson Fine Craft
G174 Steve S. Seibel
A14 Roger & Sherry Sexton Sherry's Gourmet Dips & More Clay/pottery/ceramic
C90 Jack & Mary Shafer J&M Jewelry Designs
C108 John Shevlin
B76 Shari Sherman Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
C98 Gary Sisco
F139 Bill & Jon Slade
B56 Phillip Smith Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
A6 Linda Spencer
Fine Craft
B63 Anthony Stasunas Anthony Stasunas Photography LLC
Photography/Digital Art
C100 Cynthia Stone Jewelry
G167 Jack D. Swartz Sculpture
'width' is a duplicate attribute name. Line 1, position 37.B51 Alison Thomas
Photography/Digital Art
A15 Larry Thurlow Fine Craft
E123 Vasileios Tsentas
Fine Craft
D111 Beau Tudzarov Tudzarov Studios
Photography/Digital Art
G156 Karen Van Beest Mixed Media
B86 Steve Vaughn Tropics Gallery
Photography/Digital Art
G168 Meredith Viskovic Mere J Jewelry
A13 Sharon Walsted Fine Craft
M266 Edward J. Walters Jewelry
D112a Cady Watson Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
J232 Jo Ann Wedge Wedge Fused Glass
D118 Jan Whitney Whitney Art Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
A4 Rita Wickramasinghe Splashbug
B65 Rose Wood Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
G166 David Worsley Fine Craft
B81 David R. Worsley Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor
B89 Susan Young Susan Young Photography Photography/Digital Art
B283 Chester Zaremba Sculpture
B59 Ye Zhiyong Z Yong Studio Paint/oil/acrylic/watercolor